Mass Change EV values camera


When I’m trying to change the EV value of the cameras of multiple scenes, I have to do this for every single one manually. Multiselecting them doesn’t work.

I have the same issue. Imo it should be possible to change the EV for all the cameras of the selected scenes. Also I find that the EV value should be bound to the scene NOT the camera.

What I tend to do is:

I have a template with some predefined scenes with light (HDRIs, VraySun, wilth multipliers and gammas all setup) and they all have CAM01 as a camera, this way my HDRIs and EV values are in balance. Also because I can’t set an EV value if there’s no camera (this should not be the case).

Now when I duplicate a ‘preset’ scene and change the camera to CAM02 for instance, the EV value is blanked out again. I have to remember what the EV value was before I change my camera and put it back in.

Imo this is counterproductive. Also this workflow doesn’t allow me to select multiple setups and change the EV for all of them.