Material override

I think material override is a must.
You should prioritize this feature over others.
I will consider to come back to subscription once it’s implemented.



Thanks for the suggestion. The scene manager currently doesn’t have a separate override module and I don’t think we are planning to have one. Fortunetly we have already an option to set up material overrides.

You can use the render settings override module to control everything else that is not (yet) exposed to the scene manager.


Please check out docs and this tutorial that will show you the basics:


I agree its needed to have a module to change materials that is clear to see.
For Vray it’s only possible to do a Override material so no multiple changed materials in one pass!

As far as i know all pass managers have this essential function. For vfx its simply a must!
Such a shame because i really like the interface its all so clear and fresh. But without this function i cant use it :frowning:

I really think implanting this feature… will attract more users not just from architectural industrie.


Ahahha very definitive opinion IMHO, maybe too much :wink:
While I agree it’s an important feature, I wouldn’t say it’s soooo important. Why the option (in render settings override, like described by Peter) isn’t enough for you ? just some curiosity, what do you need to achieve ?

If I may be so bold to answer why I think it’s so important. Like I sayed every other pass manager has this function… And I think its for a reason. I personally use it allot for compositing reasons. Where one object needs to transfer to a other material with a effect, it would be done in composting for flexibility. And in those situations you need to adjust more than one material on the object. Because the object usually has more materials applied then one. So a full render with a multiple adjusted materials on one object is not possible (unless a multisub material, not always possible) And splitting it up in multiple passes, makes your compositing slower, and more messy.

I would love to have this ability in pulze. Sinds there are not allot of good pass managers around. I use Render stacks now. Does the job! but the ui is terrible. So pulze with this improvement would be like heaven for me :sweat_smile:

Any how… I just hope there is a possibility, if enough people have the same problem and ask for this feature. And as result it be considered by the team, to develop it after all… That’s all I can ask.


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