Materiał Variants

Hi there folks,

I encounter a problem to solve and I might need a help.

I have to create packshots of 125 products ( glasses ) in 10-20 different color variants.
I thought about having each 3D object as a different variant in Pulze Scene Menager and then different colors as an animation of Corona select material.

Although it creates some issues with naming. Also, each 3D object should have different combination of materials. There are two questions:

Is there any other way of creating different color variants of one single object rather than creating a copy of an object with different materials or creating animated selector and render different animation frames?

Is there an option to set up different time output for each individual variant?

Hi Morzyk,

Just an idea: have you taken a look at RandomMixer from Spline Dynamics? You have to be creative with it, but I think it can be done.