Max.Net Unhandled Exception

We recently updated to scene manager 2.5.5 and on one of the files set up with previous scene manager is coming up with an error everytime we swtich from one scene manager setup to the next. This is coming up on all PC’s and not just 1 specific pc. We are 3dsmax 2023.
sceen manager

HI @usman

Thanks for the report, we are looking into it. It would be a huge help if you could send us a file that causes this problem. Thank you!

Hi Peter,
sorry I was away on holidays and coudlnt get back to you earlier. But I was able to find the root of the issue before leaving. So I have this file where there are multiple scene setups and an xref file which is being controlled by the xref controller in scene manager. The error doesnt pop up if the xref window is disabled, it only comes up if we use the xref window to make the file active and unactive. Ive deleted everything from the test file and also attached the xref file which is a just a google rip. If you relink and add the xref to the module again you should be able to reproduce the error. Hope this helps. Ive attached both files to onedrive link.!AsLAo31KvCH9hp131IuK90D0_CnroQ?e=VEHzPp

Hi @usman

Thanks for the details. Please have a look at the latest build: it should solve your Xref related problems!

Hi @peter.sarhidai ,

Just installed and gave it a try and the issue is still there. Please test it with my file.

Thanks @usman for the file we found the issue and we will publish a new version soon. Btw, the problem was happening because of a “Fire Effect” item in the Environment & Effects. I learn something every day :grin:.

Thanks for looking into this @peter.sarhidai , but ive deleted the fire & effects from the enviornment tab and still if the xref module is turned on the error is still there , which makes me believe its the xref module causing the issue not the fire&effect. I also tested it with keeping the fire&effect and turned off the xref module and the error was gone.

hey @peter.sarhidai , is there an update to this issue ? still getting it in other files as well and cant use the xref module at all.

Hi @usman

Thanks for your patience. Please have a look at this version: