"Mode" module (Final vs Preview) - predefined settings

Hi guys,

One thing that came up when discussing with colleagues how Pulze is fitting our pipeline and if any needs or features request, was the ability to quickly set a “Preview” or “Final” mode for the different setups. We were able to do this with our previous scene manager software and it was indeed quite handy. Final is pretty much the “normal” setup of the shot as when created and “Preview” is lower res, progressive quick local test.
It could work in different ways but it’d be good if we could pre-define what settings are influenced by it, in our case it’d be something like:

  • Double the noise threshold
  • Halve the resolution
  • Set it to progressive mode
  • Disable output save

But again, ideally we could go to settings in Pulze and specify what exactly “mode” does?
Let us know what you think.