Multiple Camera Submission (2.0.18 rc)

Hi All,

Any help would be greatly appreciated. When adding a new Job, why is it i can only see “Image” & “Animation” in mode section and scene manager is not there?

I have 8 cameras in the scene i wish to be able to have control over in Render Manager

Thanks in advance


I guess you could use Scene Manager, to handle multiple cameras smoothly with Render Manager at the end, no ?

Thanks, but it’s all setup in scene manager, some still cams, some animated with frame ranges etc. but when I save scene and load into render manager I don’t see all the scene passes, only an option for single frame or range.


Please make sure that you are using the latest Scene (2.1.0) and Render Manager (2.0.18).
If you are using an older SM then please install the latest one, open the file and open SM. It will convert you old setting to the latest version. Create a new empty setup to trigger the save mechanic, and then it should be all good from now in the render manager.

Let me know how it goes!

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Hmm ok sorry, it seems I read too quickly, sorry …