Multiple Domes per Setup

My lighting setup for Architecture Scenes is mostly a Daylight Setup with an adaptive dome for getting good lighting in interiors. My main files only has this lighting setup and the main building. Pulze takes care of all the rest: loading XRefs for interior stuff, surroundings, render setup, etc.

To get more light into interiors at specific places I use VRayLights as “portals” and save them into the XRef for that specific interior, so they don;t get in the way with other interior or exterior renderings. I am looking into using a second Dome with an include-list that only affects the interior walls, ceiling and floor of a specific interior. But since these objects remain in the main file, I can’t save them into the XRef, because then these objects are lost from the list. Therefore these have to remain in the main file, but then the settings for both the main dome and the interior-specific dome have to be saved per setup.

How can this be solved in SM?

Thanks, E

Hi Erik,

Currently it is not possible to control 2 dome lights in the same setup. We are getting a lot of questions regarding similar workflows. We are working on a separate lighting module which is similar to the light lister that you have in max, and this will solve these type of issues.

Will let you know if there is something to test.

Hi Peter,

Good to hear:)