Multiple Xref-copies


I’ve setup a complete scene with different xrefs - this works really well.
But now I need to add an xref-file several times (on different positions).
Xref A
Xref B
Xref C
Xref A
Xref A

Although they show up in the list, it’s not possible to add them.

Will this be fixed in future versions?

Thank you!


Well to be honest I never thought that someone would load an XRef scene multiple times. Currently the unique identifier in Scene Manager is the path of the xref file, this is why you can’t add more. Probably we can fix this later on.


Well, sometimes clients want strange things :slight_smile:

Maybe some input for development: it should be possible to identify the xrefs clearly. In the original 3dsmax xref-tab they all have the same name (which is a pain in the ass). It would be nice to have something like:
Xref A
Xref A(1)
Xref A(2)

Or even better: the possibility to give them names, like:
Xref A (on table)
Xref A (on floor)

Btw: your product is amazing! I was working with RPManager before. But your product is much more flexible and comfortable. I’ll definitely buy it after the testing phase :slight_smile: