New Job > Projectfield character restrictions

Hi there,

I am looking into Pulze Rendermanager to see if it can replace our current rendermanager.
one thing I notices is that the project field in jobsubmission is restricted to 4 characters.

Is there a specific reason for that ? I would very much like to input the project title I’m working on in there. Regardless, our projectnumbers are already 5 characters long.

Is this something that might change / could be changed ? at least the restriction on characters ?

It would even be better if in some future release, we could configure our project paths and fill in fields with tokens. Our project paths are for instance *

G:\client\projectname\max\scenes\povs\pov 1\pov 1_001.max
where G is a mapped networkdrive

  • it might be cool if we could set it so that the projectname part automatically gets picked (because we configured that in settings). Provided the Projectfield will allow more than 4 characters in the future that is.
    Not sure how that configuration would work but I’m sure you could figure out something for that.

This is all going off on the fact that different companies use different folder structures, but the filename is rarely the projectname

Hello Yves, Thank you for your comment!
We noticed that and in the upcoming release you will be able to fill in more than 4 characters. And of course on top of that there will be cool new features as well. Stay tuned! Just a couple of weeks…

Cool. Looking forward to what’s cooking.
I just learned that our current rendermanager is out of bussiness, so for the future I am definitely going to need a replacement for our 50 node network :see_no_evil: