New update 1.3 and roadmap?

Hi guys, how’s the development going? I see there’s a new 1.3 update but apart from the timeline and render manager, not sure if anything else changed. I can’t find the changelog anywhere either :slight_smile:.

Do you also have some kind of roadmap available or ETAs for rollout of new or changed features?

Hi there, thanks for asking. The developments are going really well. The most recent 1.3 update for the Scene Manager fixes a few problems specific to 3ds Max 2020, so apart from the two new cards that supports the Render Manager there are only small bug fixes. We will upload the changes to our website asap.

More fixes and updates will definitely come early next year. We are building up the road map based on the huge amount of requests and feedback that we received so far, let us get back to you in a couple of days with a list of features/fixes considered for the next update.

Hi Peter,

Great to hear :slight_smile: Can’t wait! :smiley:

Hi, is it possible to talk about what your plans are for improving the plugin for working in the corona render?

Hi Alexey, sure thing. We will post here a list of planed improvements in the following days.