No more licenses

I get this quite a lot, even with a new installation on a fresh windows I just received that there are no more licenses available. I go to the website to see where it’s activated and I see it’s activated on the very computer I’m working on. I only have one license. And even when I’ve been working on the same computer for weeks, sometimes I’m getting the no more licenses and I’m in trial mode. Sometimes closing and reopening helps sometimes I need to unlock on the pulze website first.


The license is tied to your computers MAC address. If you using a VPN then you can end up with a situation what you are explaining.

In this case when you first start the Scene Manager it will get a license with MAC address A, than later on you connect to the VPN you get MAC address B. During the next start or check the system will notice that your license is already used by MAC address A, so you get the notice. The computer name that we show on the website is for simplicity but under the hood it what matters is the MAC address.

Please note that if the Scene Manager and 3ds Max is closed without any problems (meaning it doesn’t crash) then your license should be automatically unlocked.

Not using a VPN. So basically the only reason for this behavior would be 3dsMax not closing properly and not releasing the license?

Yes that is probably the case. Could it be that your are using it on a different computer sometimes and it gets stuck on that one?

Well no, in most cases I switch between computers every couple of months. Not every day/week. If I go to the pulze website it also displays the name of the computer it’s locked to, this is in most cases the one I’m trying to activate it on.