No sanity check


I’ve enabled ‘Corona Frame Buffer Region’ in the Sanity Check list, but when I start a job with region render, I don’t get any warning, is it normal?

Furthermore I never get any warning or critical info at all, so I have the feeling the Sanity Check is actually disabled.
What did I miss? How can I enable Sanity Check?

Thank you for your support,

Hi Tom!

Please have a look at our docs: Pulze | Render Manager - Documentation
You can enable/disable and set the level of warning per check.

Hi Peter!

I have already enabled some settings (and disabled the ones I don’t need), and I’ve also set up the correct level of warning but it’s not taken into account visibly.
Corona Frame Buffer Region is enable and set to ‘Critical’, but I can submit a region rendering job and actually render it without getting any warning of any kind.

Okay great. could you please let us know which version of Corona are you using and the version of Render Manager and I’ll look into it.

No worries. I use latest Corona 8 Hotfix 1 with Render Manager 2.0.29 (2022-01-21).