Node and workstation not communicating properly


I have had a consistent bug for a couple of months now.

It seems my node PC and main PC fail to communicate when one is turned off/restarted.

For example:

  • I have jobs “A, B, C” in RM with both PC’s turned on and Pulze RM running.
  • I turn off node PC
  • I remove job C and turn node PC back on.
  • Once node loads Pulze RM job C comes back automatically and is listed in both machines RM.


  • I set off job A on my master PC for node PC to run.
  • I shut down master PC. (let’s say when job is 50% done)
  • Node PC finishes rendering job A
  • I turn on master PC and it thinks job A is still 50% done, so it restarts the task.

Or; (this only happens sometimes)

  • I add jobs on master PC with node PC turned off.
  • I turn on node PC
  • All jobs are wiped from RM once node PC loads Pulze RM.

This is regular, mostly predictable behavior. I don’t think it used to happen like this and I’m sure it’s a bug.

I have my Pulze repository on a shared drive (hosted by master PC - so this might cause some of the issues). I have tried creating new pools with no luck.

Hopefully this can be replicated and investigated. Many thanks!

I’m having a similar issue whereby if i restart pulze on my main machine it will restart the jobs rendering on the nodes as well…?

it also doesn’t accurately update the jobs… ie. a job is rendering on a node yet its listed as “waiting for nodes” in RM on both my main PC and render nodes.

I’m running the latest version 2.1.8 (2022-12-07)

Hi @AnotherAngle3D and @luke

Thank you very much for the report! Could you please recreate the issue and send us some collected log from the computers that is/was rendering and the workstation after the restart, based on this guide: and we will investigate further.


I’ve just switched my node and master PC around. So now I send off jobs from what was previously the node.

I’ll see if it still happens in this configuration or not and let you know.

Still happening. Very annoying, to be honest. Please see the video, the embedded screen (bottom right) is a remote desktop cast of the node PC loading Pulze.

I have RM open on master PC, and add a job. I turn on node PC and load Pulze and it deletes the job I added (it essentially defaults back to whatever the list was when the node was turned off).

Not sure some logs would even help with this, but I’ve gathered them…