Node just stopped working

EDIT: Apologies; it seems I was at fault! Problem solved.

The problem was that I was trying to render projects (from a Dropbox folder - but I think this is irrelevant) which were not located on the node PC (ie I didn’t have that project folder synced on the node). This is kind of curious, if it fails to render because the project folder / 3ds max file is missing from the PC what is the point of the “…_job.max” file that Pulze creates and is used for rendering?

Hi, generally have had good success with RM.

But last night/today my node just refuses to render. It’s running, it’s active, it ‘loads’ a scene to render then just stops immediately. I’ve tried it on multiple projects, turned off PC, restarted, suspended RM, nothing seems to work. The exact same jobs work fine on my master PC when I turn on night mode, but the node PC (which worked fine yesterday) now just

I also sent an error report from the Node with logs attached. Thanks!

Any tips?

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you for the edit, I’m glad that you were able to sort out the issue!
I have to mention that I do recommend removing Dropbox from a 3D pipeline. According to a general industry experience it could generate more problems than benefits. Check this discussion for example:

The “…_job.max” file helps your Workstation. When the Nodes start a new job they use that one to load in instead of keep asking your Workstation. But once they load in the file all the assets and output folders should be accesble/writeable.

I hope it answers your question.



Thanks Attila,

That does clear it up… I think! :slight_smile:

Regarding the Dropbox workflow, I have to chime in and disagree.

I’ve worked now 7+ years with every single file saved on Dropbox. It, for me, is completely necessary as I don’t have a server but still work on 3 PC’s (plus I often relocate countries where I have computers waiting for me, fully loaded with the necessary files). Renders are automatically saved in easily accessible folders (on phone or other PC’s), which are also shared with clients so no need to email them with updates etc. Not to mention, I basically never have to back-up or worry about losing data.

Agreed; this 3ds max saving issue is a problem, but only when Dropbox syncing. It’s very easily managed and only became a problem when I finally migrated to Windows 10.

This single issue is far outweighed by the numerous advantages of my workflow.

/rant :slight_smile:

It is good to hear that with thoughtful preparation Dropbox does the job. I will spread the words then :wink:

Thanks for the feedback!

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