Node mode - suggestions

Hi there, love the node mode button. But some suggestions that might make it very nice.

  • Add a scheduler. So you can schedule a workstation to enter Node Mode automatically. This can be with a warning. For instance, I’m still working at 12AM, but the node mode has been activated to start at 12AM. There’s a little popup stating that node mode will be activated in the next 30 seconds. If nothing is done it automatically starts with a predefined affinity.
  • Add a warning to Exit Node Mode. I accidentally clicked the button and it immediately shuts down the render, so time wasted. Might leave a little warning, are you sure… etc. Or allow for the current render to finish first as well. (So 3 options, cancel, terminate immediately, terminate after current render).
  • “Dynamically” change the affinity. Say for instance, I started Node mode because I’m leaving the office for a few hours. I come back and want to start working but I don’t have any rendering to do, just some light photoshop or modelling or whatnot. So I want to keep some cores busy. So I then change the affinity for the next jobs to a lower core count.

Thank you!

Hi Mantis,
Thanks for the suggestion, these are great!

  • A scheduler to time and control certain things like node mode, restart and other housekeeping things is definitely on our list.
  • A warning for exiting the node mode, I think an “are you sure” thing won’t be a problem. The terminate after current render option is a bit more problematic, but we will consider this.
  • This should be already possible. While you are in node mode, you can select yourself and there is a set affinity button in the toolbar.

This would be clutch, to be honest this is one of the main things we want out of our render manager, not having it so workstations can automatically switch to node mode at a certain time is a bit of a shame and a negative point while we evaluate the software.

Any idea of a timeline as to when this would be implemented?

Yeah I totally understand it. We had to take care of some essential developments before we can visit the topic of the scheduler. We are actively working on this and the current plan is to have a working version by the end of Q2.

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