Nodes output not saving 16bit tiffs despite settings

Exactly that, I have two computers with GPUs. The one running the job and from where it is submitted saves fine, the node saves to 8 bit tiff only. This has caused serious issues for me on a tight deadline.

Rendering a sequence now I find both nodes save the first frames of the pack as 16bit but all the following frames at 8 bit. What on earth is going on?

Please help asap.

Any help regarding this issue please?

Hi @riaan.vanjaarsveldt

The tiff settings (or any other image properties) are stored globally on your machine. Because of that it could be that another 3ds Max instance overrides your settings leading to your issue.

I’ve seen you have also submitted a ticket, will continue the conversation over there.

Hi Peter,

Surely I set the output from the computer that submits the job and the others follow that specification? How else would you do it, specific it per node?

Edit: or in Pulze for that matter


Without getting too deep in the specifics or settings, this seams to be an FStorm issue with version 1.5.5K. We are in contact with developer of FStorm and will let you know when we know more.