Not loading post production settings from Scene manager


I am using:

Scene manager 2.2.19
Render manager 2.1.8
3ds Max 2022.3
Corona 9 (Hotfix 2)

I am using the post-production settings in Scene manager.

It seems like whenever I am rendering on render manager, it will only load the last post-production setting whenever I saved the max file.

Is this known or is there a workaround?


Hi @konto

This is a know issue. The faster cure is to download Render Manager 2.2.1 or 2.2.3 where this issue is fixed

Official release will be aorund the first week of July.

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I encounter the same issue with Pulze Scene Manager 2.3.6.
I can save the post-prod VFB settings, but they won’t load.

I’m not using Render Manager, juste Scene Manager.
Is this issue still not fixed? Is there a workaround that doesn’t involve Render manager?
It would be awesome for my workflow.


Hi @julien.papaud

Could you please share a screenshot or your 3ds Max scene file and we will have a look what is going on. Thanks!