Not respecting scene updates

Ok, bare with me, this one is really strange and I cant for the life of me figure out why or even how this is happening.

I will frame this in a story so it makes sense. I render a kitchen with handles on the cabinets using the layer dialogue to control layer visibility to get me different handle options. They render absolutely fine and I clear the render que so its empty. Ooops, a few of the handles are in the wrong position, so i fix and resend. They seem to render fine but when i open the renders the handles are still in the old position. I swear I moved them, so i go back to the file and check. indeed they are still in the correct position i moved them too. So i resend. Again they render in the old wrong position. When i render locally, they render in the correct position.

Now I’ve checked the repository. There is no jobs hanging around in the jobs folder or archive. The scene manager in the file is working and switching correctly. Its only when i send them to the render manager does this happen. Its like its rendering an old file…

I had limited success that when i quit pulze and restarted it, it respected the new handle positions in 1 out the 6 i sent. Its got me stumped and its a serious one in that I cant rely on render manager getting it right which is a scary prospect on a deadline.

This has happened before several times but I’ve always put it down to user error in that i must have made a mistake and just rolled with it. This time I have tested and confirmed that it’s happening and its definitely not that i forgot to make the updates to the geometry.

Any one also come across this or am I just lucky :smiley:

Hi Curtis,

Yeah this is something that got reported not too long ago, I have no idea how this slipped through over the months, but anyway please download and install this version:

Just to explain the bug: this obviously only happens if you are using Scene Manager states and the file that you are about to submit was not saved manually. Render Manager will detect that the file has unsaved changes, will save the first job to the repository and then to spare some time it will do a copy of the original file for the remaining jobs. This is a mistake because the file that it is copying is in the wrong (unsaved) state.

The update should fix this problem. Let me know how it goes!