Not working correctly with Corona 9

When do we get an update for Corona 9? just updated and finished frames are not reported correctly to Pulze (causing them to re-render on new node) and max freezing when its finished with a frame, (every second frame it seems like?)

pulze 2.1.6.

Gonna have to roll back to corona 8 to use pulze for now.
Or maybe could get access to an early release?

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Would love to hear your response on this too.
That’s regarding both, scene manager and render manager. We have good timing next week (just in-between finalizing couple projects and starting new ones) to update to Corona 9. Our main worry is Pulze, it gave us hard time in recent weeks and we are quite scared to do any moves because of it. Real love-hate relationship :sweat_smile:
So, does both render manager and scene manager are not yet compatible with Corona 9? If so, when can we expect the updates?

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Hi @jo-vegard and @inkvisual

Our initial tests with Corona 9 did not produce any issues. Both Scene and Render Managers current version should be able to recognize and manage jobs without any changes.

@jo-vegard Could you please contact us at with some screenshots and logs and we will get to the bottom of your problem.

Hi Peter, after initial tests it seemed to have sorted itself out. have not gotten any issues like described since the first renders after the update. Not sure why tho.

Well maybe the pc-s and Render Manager just wanted a fresh start. Anyway let us know if you bump into something again!

Hi @peter.sarhidai
Thank you for reassurance. We will attempt to do an upgrade and hopefully no problems then!