One-click submission in RM v.2.0.29

The release notes for the latest RM v.2.0.29 show a new feature that allows you to submit a job to RM directly from Max with one click. Is there documentation on how to accomplish this? Is this a Scene Manager feature, or something new for Render Manager? Thanks!

Just want to chime in that I had the same question. Didn’t really find it, and couldn’t find this feature it in the beta of Scene Manager either.

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I just found it. Customize user interface > Toolbars > Category (Pulze). You can set up a new toolbar with three options: “Submit Distributed Job to RM”, “Submit Local Distributed Job to RM”, or “Submit Render job to RM”.

Haven’t used them yet! The first two are obvious, the third makes me think it’s for animations. Will give it a shot and let you know!

Edit: Well I’ll be damned. It works beautifully. What’s even better is that somehow, Max does not go through it’s typical save sequence and lock up the UI when you use the one-click option. Somehow the Pulze devs are able to save out the file in the background for rendering, all without saving the original file. Super super cool.


Nice find, @bs1 !! that has totally gone under my radar ! very very cool indeed :slight_smile:

Hi @bs1! Let me jump into the discussion! Well first of all I have to say that we are late with the latest documentation, but we are working on it and it will be available in February for sure.

As for the Submit feature from 3dsMax the “Submit Render job to RM” is an universal render as it function that can be a single image or an animation, whatever you have in your render settings. The other two will force distributed rendering even if it is switched off in the render settings.

The thing what you discovered, that we are not saving the scene is unfortunately a bug that we discovered recently, so lets say it is not a problem that this is not a widely used feature :slight_smile:
As much as we love to speed up the job preparation process there is no magical way to skip the file saving.

We will fix this asap for sure and will provide a new installer!

Thanks for your help!

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Thanks Peter! That all makes sense… but, are you sure it’s a bug and not a feature?! :grin: In the limited testing I did yesterday, RM still managed to load, render, and save out the scene just fine.

Yeah I’m confident that it is not working :slight_smile:
In a scenario when you save a file manually then you change the camera and the lighting and you hit submit, it will render with the previous settings. So until this is fixes use it with caution.

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