One node cannot connect to the job

Hello, I’m facing a problem with my new PC. I’m trying to use 3 computers to get a job done but one is always failing and getting the “An unexpected exception has occurred in the network renderer and it is terminating” message. I checked the network log and it is always happening right after Importing python module “langturkishmodel”.

Hi @xtianriv
we are facing the same problem but it’s happening on almost all workstations in the network. I already contacted the support but did you already find the solution?

If anyone has a similar problem it is caused by having both Poliigon and Megascan plugins installed. There is a conflict in the python module version that they both use causing the crash. You can remove one them to get around the problem or do some hacking with the version as one of our users did:

It was an issue with Python module version requirements between different 3ds Max plugins, i.e. Poliigon 3ds Max Plugin v0.9.2 has urllib3 version 2.0.6 and can operate with >= 1.21.1, but MegaScans 5.5 requires urllib3 >= 1.21.1, <= 1.25. We have modified the Poliigon plugin to use 1.25 and they currently both seem to be working*

I believe the developers have been already contacted and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Thanks for your response. Any link where I can check how to do it? Or is there another thread about this topic so I can take a look?

Unfortunately I can’t provide a link for the fix, this was a response from one of our customers and I just shared it hoping it will help. A quick fix would be to remove poliigon from your pc and 3ds max won’t crash. If you would like a better solution I would suggest contacting poliigon or megascan support for help.