Option to also copy XREF to repository

Because 3ds Max searches for our xrefs in the same folder as the max file, our current workflow when using XREF with rendermanager is to submit a render “later”, going to the job folder in the repository, putting all the xref’s in there and then start the render.

Is it possible for you to make an option to automatically copy all xrefs used in the scene and putting them in the repository folder so that they load automatically?


Thanks for the suggestion, will look into it!

Hi! Is this on the roadmap? Would really like this option :smiley:

Yes absolutely. The goal is that you can decide if you wish to collect the assets next to the job file or use the current path (like now). You will be able to also decide if you wish to transfer all or missing assets to the node directly before the render starts or keep it on the network drive.

We are finishing up the groundwork to make this possible then we will add all sorts of options.

Great! Can’t wait! Really excited!