Option to disable viewport update when switching between setups

Hi Pulze team,

Would it be possible to add and option (maybe as a button/switcher or in the settings) to disable viewport update when switching between setups?
Kind of like ‘Disable Viewport’ option in 3Ds Max, but for Pulze setups

It would be very handy, because it might be a bit slow to go from setup to setup to change some setting which are not really require to be seen in the viewport (eg. setting render output or changing resolution to hires, etc)



You just have to use the ALT key. ALT+click on any stetups activates the so-called “silent mode” (the selected setup will be highlighted in red). In this way you can click through all the setups and you can make changes without updating the viewport.

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Awesome! Thank you for the tip!

Would it be possible to include this option into settings as a more temporary solution?
Or make some sort of manual update button is case if you won’t need viewports to be updated frequently.


Nice idea! We will check which method can be the best UI/UX wise. What would be your preference?



That’s a good question. Potentially it can be something similar to how it’s done in Forest Pack where there is ‘Manual update’ tick which can be turned on and then ‘Update’ button to update setups manually: