Output path: auto-create dated sub-folder


would it be possible to automatically create a dated subfolder inside the selected folder of the output path?
We usually store our renders in dated folders (and think most people do?) so if possible it’d be great but understand that it might start to mess up with Windows permissions and other stuff.


Hi Lautaro,

Any folder can be created automatically inside the selected one. In the naming rule system there is a special option: “Date (Folder)”, that creates a dated subfolder automatically.
The only issue is that the written form of the date is not in alignment with your needs. We will check how it can be better. Check this image for the better understanding:

Please let me know if this answers your question.

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Hey Attila, thanks. That’s not really an issue so no worries, we can use yyyymmdd as well.
Is that field (name of the folder) supposed to be automatically updated tho? I knew about it but thought we needed to manually write the date for the folder each time. If it does it automatically then that’s awesome! :slight_smile:


@attila.cselovszki my bad, I just tested this and works exactly as we need it to. Please feel free to delete this thread/post.


Yes, it does. If you reopen Scene Manager on the next day it will automatically create the subfolder with the new date.
(small know issue that if you batch rendering at midnight that the new folder will be created automatically as well but the UI does not refresh without restarting it)

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@attila.cselovszki awesome, thanks. I am just wondering now if I submit the same shot more than once the same day, would it override the output or would it just rename it?

if not has changed in your output settings then it will override it