Output Setup Multiple Outputs Same Camera


I’m using the scene manager to set up view outputs. What’s the best way to send multiple renders out from the same camera? The geometry changes per each output but not the camera. Is it layer management or duplicating cameras or sending them out one by one? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Hi Eduardo,

If you have one camera and only the geometry changes then use one camera and several setups with the same camera. If you create your first setup you can copy it freely. Once you have the desired amount of setups you can select them and you can use the “layer” or the “object” card to control the different geometry per scene. If you are doing some kind of a product visualization then I recommend to connect with us at support@pulze.io because we have been working on a product-viz module for SM and it would be great to understand your workflow.
Cheers, Attila

Thank you. I was able to send each render one at a time since I was rushed on time but I will try that next.