Pack Tasks / Every-Nth-Frame no longer compatible?

In the latest release of Render Manager, you cannot use Every-Nth-Frame with the Pack Tasks option. If Pack Tasks is on, Every-Nth is forced off in the GUI and vice-versa. Packed Tasks are the only way to use Pulze to calculate things across multiple frames, like a VRay Multiframe Irradiance Map, and the ability to combine this with Every-Nth-Frames is very useful. I know that Chaos keeps threatening to remove IR mapping entirely, but for the time being it remains a very useful tool for speeding up production renders.



Due some other issue around packed tasks we had to remove the nth frame option. You can still use it without the packed option, with a little bit of overhead where 3ds Max needs to restart the rendering instead of just continuing it.

We will try to bring it back in a future release and be as flexible as possible.

Ah, ok well we’re glad to hear that it’s not a permanent change @peter.sarhidai. If it could be patched in a hotfix that would be great, in the meantime we’ll work around it.

Same here, we really use the option every nth all the time, it’s very cumbersome to have to go through scene manager to set it up. Would love to have the option back in rendermanager.

Any timeframe when that option will be available again?