Paused Jobs Indicator and Job Dependencies

I know its on the minor side but I thought it would be worthwhile proposing. Paused jobs currently are difficult to see in a list at a glance, I propose making the tab yellow for example and the pause icon the same color for better status indicators.

Also when a job that isn’t paused has a dependency on a paused job it won’t start until the dependency is removed or the paused job render finishes. Does it make sense to do this or would it make sense to start the next job in line regardless of the dependent job being paused?

Finally, when removing a job that another job has as a dependency, the removed job will not be removed from the dependency list and will show as an “Unknown Job”, it should be automatically removed as a dependency if it is no longer there.

Side note, it looks like its also currently possible to make two jobs dependent on one another which might cause a problem.

Question, what does the “strict” option do under the job dependencies?

Yes I agree, a job should not wait for another job that is paused, we will fix this no problem.

As far as our tests, “Unknown Job”-s are not counted in at all, and they are automatically cleared out once the first pc enters and starts the job. We can make them disappear from the UI.

Regarding the colors, it is always tricky thing but we will look into it. I would leave the paused/suspended jobs gray since they are less important then the ones that are running.

Yes at the moment it’s possible to create a circular dependency :frowning: watch out for them until we add and error message to prevent them.

Normally the nodes will move to a new job once there are no more tasks, but if you have a dependency that is strict, it will wait until that job is 100% done then it will move on. This can be handy in case of pre-calculations, simulations, etc.

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