Perhaps I'm missing something

Hey Guys,

Perhaps I’m missing something but I’m unable to check the majority of the “render settings - custom” check boxes. I can only “check” the Pass Limit, Noise Level Limit and Time Limit buttons. Everything else I’m unable to interact with.

The same goes when I unable other camera options - Focal Length, F-Stop and Vertical Shift work, but the rest won’t budge.

This isn’t an issue with Max 2022, Corona 7 (Hotfix 1), only with Max 2023, Corona 8 (Hotfix 1).

Are there known issues with Corona 8?

I’ve uploaded a short video showing what I mean - Dropbox Paper

Many thanks in advance for the help guys!

Hi @michael

This is because the tone mapping properties have been moved from the render settings and camera modules to the new post-production module.

The confusing part is that we show the legacy properties as well even when you are using Corona 8. We are working on cleaning this up and it will be pretty straightforward!

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Ah Brilliant! Thanks @peter.sarhidai ! Out of curiosity, will it do the same thing as what the previous render settings and camera modules did, because at the moment all it does is fetch and display the associated values; I can’t actually edit them inside the module.

Thanks again,

Hi @michael,

Yes at the moment it works the same way. It will only display the values but you won’t be able to edit it, yet. For now we think that people are so used to manipulate these values in the VFB that it is enough to only have a “save” button. In the future we are planning to open up this part as well.

Btw we just published a new version where we improved UI of the Post-production module and we also added Lightmix, Blur and Glare and Sharpening Blurring controls to the pack so things will be a bit more consistent.

You can try it our here: