Phoenix not working?


As a Corona user I’m now trying to make use of my Phoenix subscription too.

I set up a scene with a smoke sim, it renders fine in 3ds max. It renders fine (as an animation) in SM. But when I try to render it through RM it renders without the phoenix set-up. On both node and workstation PC’s.

It renders fine on both PC’s inside of max.

I’m using latest Phoenix. Is this not supported or something? What am I missing? Thanks!

Hi @AnotherAngle3D

Please make sure that you set an absolute path to the simulation input, and your .aur files are placed on a network location.

Bah! I think I knew this…

That was indeed the issue. Thanks Peter. All good and working now.

(Perhaps this can somehow be added to the user defined error list in RM?)

Many thanks.


I faced the same issue as the simulation input was a relative path.

Same thought as AnotherAngle3D: it’d be nice to have a warning during the sanity check.

Is it something you guys will implement in a near future?

Hi, I’m facing this same problem. What would be the absolute path?

It’s a path that is defined fully (I think) but also it has to be accessible by all PC’s on the network.

Sometimes phoenix sets the path to be set inside the same folder hosting he max file and it uses a sort of ‘short’ form for this address, but all you have to do is manually set the address, keeping in mind it should be the exact same address for all PC’s.

I hope this makes sense/helps?