Phoenix not working?


As a Corona user I’m now trying to make use of my Phoenix subscription too.

I set up a scene with a smoke sim, it renders fine in 3ds max. It renders fine (as an animation) in SM. But when I try to render it through RM it renders without the phoenix set-up. On both node and workstation PC’s.

It renders fine on both PC’s inside of max.

I’m using latest Phoenix. Is this not supported or something? What am I missing? Thanks!

Hi @AnotherAngle3D

Please make sure that you set an absolute path to the simulation input, and your .aur files are placed on a network location.

Bah! I think I knew this…

That was indeed the issue. Thanks Peter. All good and working now.

(Perhaps this can somehow be added to the user defined error list in RM?)

Many thanks.