Physical camera bug

Hi when i try to “create setup for every camera” with only "Physical cameras " ( with 3dsmax 2020 and 2021 ) Scene manager doesn’t works at all, no cameras appears. it’s very strange because the camera tab also does not allow you to select any camera…But oddly It works with all other types of cameras…
The problem only seems to occur with physical cameras in a rather random way. Sometimes scene manager works with them but generally no physical cameras appear … very strange and embarrassing.

Is this a known issue?
Thanks a lot

Hi mienda,

Thanks for explaining your problem. Could you please send a maxfile with some cameras (where this feature doesn’t work) to and let us know which Scene Manager version are you using.

Does this happen in all files or just a few of them, does it work for you in an empty file when you manually create a few cameras? Also how do you create the cameras?


Hello, thank you for your answer.
This problem appears with me in my work scenes but also if I create physical cameras (with vray 5.2.1 into 3dsmax 2020 and 2021)) in an empty scene. No physical camera appears with scene manager (when I use the “create setup for every camera” function) while with other types of cameras everything works.

I use the latest version of scene manager (2.1)

Okay thanks, will try to reproduce and let you know what could be the problem. By any chance you are using a none english version of 3dsMax?

No i only use english version of 3dsmax…
Thanks to look at this !


have you succeeded in reproducing my problem on one of your workstations ?



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Hi Laurens,

Sorry for the later reply. I was not able to reproduce your problem so far. If you could send us a screen recording to of your problem to see the context and the problem we could move on with this.

Thanks for your help!

I finally discovered the problem, will fix it asap. The issue happens when Scene Manager is opened while you reset the file. Whatever camera is created in the empty file it is not recognized. It only works after the Scene Manager is restarted. Until this is fixed, after a file reset please close and reopen the Scene Manager.

Hey @laurens.damien, nice to see you there !! :slight_smile: