Please add scene environment and user token and background

Dear Tridgopnik,

Thank you very much for the detailed image. It is more or less self explanatory but to avoid any misunderstanding may I ask you to sum up shortly what your expectation is?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. The ability to get an image with the lighting of the HDRI map and the background (the background image is always used in the environment while the lighting uses the scene environment settings)
  2. This solution will help to use more flexible lighting settings and reflection, you can always use the slots for replacing texture maps.
  3. Setting to use color correction for lightmaps will help avoid using overwrite in render settings
  4. Using match bitmap in the background and transferring these settings to resolution will help to integrate into the image
  5. Ability to use multi-layered map for lighting
  6. user token will add information about who rendered the picture


I would never use the hdri lighting environment in all render settings there are corresponding slots, the environment is used only for the background, I always use the color grading map for the hdri, I need to be able to do the color correction rotate it once, and not do it for each camera. I also often use the override feature for different reasons and different for each camera. All the functions that I lack, I tried to display in detail in the picture if you suddenly become interested, I am ready to answer all the questions. P.S Sorry for bad English

You can add the correction maps setting to the plugin settings

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Hi tridgopnik,

Thank you very much for taking the time collecting these comments and screenshots. We are planning to implement these and most of them are already on our list.

However the implementation will be a little bit different at least for the UI part. Your mockup makes sence for Corona users, but we have to keep in mind other engines as well. The ability to have environment overrides, color correction settings and a couple of other things is work in progress.


Just seeing if this has been added yet? Corona renders environment overrides, has been added to Pulze Scene manager?