PNG invalid depth greyscale


I am getting an error about ‘PNG invalid error related to bits depth for greyscale’ when saving automatically render elements.

I have change to .tiff and it works but filesize are much higher.

Is there anybody else having this error?


Hi Nacho,

To save an output in “Grayscale PNG” is only available by the common output option of Max. Please do not use the VRay VFB output because it is not able to save it by default. It is not a Render Manager related restriction it is based on the render engine capability.

I hope it answers your question.



Thank you Attila.

But I am trying to autosave in PNG 24bits not in Greyscale. I do not know why 3dmax tells me that…

Perhaps 3dmax tries to save a render element in greyscale eventhough it is not set like this… strange.



Could you please send over a screenshot, we can not find the mentioned error message.

Which render engine do you use?

Thank you!

Thnak you for your quick answer.


I will share an screenshot as soon as possible, I am doing a postproduction right now and the error appears after rendering.

Kind regards,

Do you use Scene Manager as well or just Render Manager?

Scene manager set like this: autosave by ‘scene name’ and ‘png’ format (24bits under config icon)

Just to be sure about it, could you check the same settings in 3ds Max. In some cases these image properties can be a bit funky. The best is to try and save an image manually and double check the PNG settings.

Hello Peter,

I think it is something related with what you say. I will check it.

Thank you!

Hello everybody!

I found this video and i think this is a solution, you just need to delete the elements and save the scene, reset the 3ds max and open again, put the elements and save in png (RBG 48 Bit 281 Trillion )
i had the same error and now its working.

Hope helps you!

Thanks for the great info!