Pool connections

I have two computers, connected via ether net. I had some issues with one computer redoing render jobs that had already rendered so decided to make a new pool and update to the latest version on the website.

I have create the pool, selected ether net as preferred option although this seems to reset itself every time I load up the computer back to the WiFi connection.

The second computer can see the first but the first computer can not see the second. If I do a check status of pulze on computer 1 it says it is off although I am doing the check through the program.

I created the new pool on computer 1, computer 2 couldn’t find the new pool or any pools when I clicked scan. I added the details in manual and it can see computer 1 but computer 1 still can not see computer 2.

Do you have any suggestions what I can do to fix this.


Incase anyone else has this problem, uninstall program from add and remove and also remove from app data/roaming. Then do fresh install using same gateway and it can find the same pool and seems to be going good so far