Popup handling & Ignore

Hello, is there a way to ensure that popup does not disrupt the course of rendering.
I have an error called Vray Plugin Node missing plugin detected (this comes whenever I open the file locally in 3dsmax) So this is stopping the render manager from executing the job.
The issue is I dont know how to find the vray plugin missing node detected since it is a big file and can not find the actual asset. The only way for me is to have the render manager auto press ok or just ignore popups all together if thats possible like silent mode.

Hey @info15

Thanks for the report! Since Render Manager already starts 3ds Max in server mode (aka network rendering mode / without a GUI) I’m not sure if the extra silent mode would make any difference, but it’s worth trying.

Please save these two lines as preRender.ms:

SetQuietMode true

and then add it to render settings pre render slot inside 3ds Max!

If this doesn’t work then I’m happy to share another snippet that will kill the popup dialog based on it’s title.