Post Manager 1.1.1 [Major]

  • Added a new Wildcard feature to the setting menu, where you can change the default ‘#’ sign to a number of other special characters.
  • Added a new Luma Mask feature that gives you the same options to handle luminosity masks as you do for RGB ones, like a Multimatte
  • From now on every mask Post Manager creates, will be also added as a new Channel in your document.
  • Added a new Cloud Template feature, where you can attach your templates to your account, and use them on multiple computers easily
  • Multichannel EXR import now supports special characters in file, and channel names
  • Brand New algorithm for document and layer sizing and placement
  • Added new Linear templates to the default template list.
  • Added a support for some additional image format meta-datas
  • Various UI element updates