Post Manager 1.2.3

New Features in 1.2.5

  • Fixed issue, when using multichannel .exr files that does not have an alpha channel
  • Added option to opt-in for anonymous usage data collection

New Features in 1.2.4

  • Added silent install option
  • From now on Post Manager will install to a non user specific location
  • From now, the installer will always perform a ‘clean install’

New Features in 1.2.3

  • Now all 3 import methods are avaliable as buttons from the Create Document function
  • Normals and other coordinate layers are now imported with correct colors
  • Added LightAnalytics to V-Ray element list
  • Thumbnail images under the .Thumbs folder will be ignored when importing render elements from folder
  • Refresh Merged layer now functions correclty

  • Added support for SmartFilters, when replacing render elements
  • Generated mask folders will no longer change location in the folder structure
  • Clipping masks will no longer get unlinked on mask source render elements upon content replacement

New Features in 1.2.2

  • New ‘Merge layers as Region’ feature
  • Added Option to Reset Transforms when creating a new document

New Features in 1.2.0

  • Added Support FStorm render elements
  • Added Linear and Barebone FStorm Document Templates
  • Added automatic ‘Beauty’ pass recognition for FStorm, since it does not have an element name by default
  • When replacing render elements, multiple choices dropdowns will now guess best matches based on file names
  • Mark favourite templates, that always going to be selected when creating new document
  • Importing Templates will now add any new render element to your list automatically
  • Extracting Multimattes will now always happen for all 3 channels, regardless of naming, and content
  • Added support for Linked Smart Object

  • Fixed issue, when replacing render elements from a multi channel exr file would result in blank white layers
  • Fixed Issue, when saving Cloud templates to disc, results in a corrupt file
  • Various other bugfixes



I was just about to try out the post manager, but this installs the rendermanger…

Hey Mattias, thanks. We corrected the link, it should be all good now :wink:

Hi its detecting all passes except the beauty pass. There is no separate element for this and this doesnt get loaded when creating a template.

Hi, Mattias!
Yeah indeed, there is no indistinct name for the Beauty pass, that’s why Post Manager wont find it.
I’m implementing solution for that, should be up for testing in a couple of days.

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Hi, Mattias!
I’ve updated the Post Manager 1.2.0 build, and now it automatically figures out the Beauty pass. :slight_smile:
If there are multiple options, you will be able to choose from them.

This update is automatic, so next time you open Post Manager, you should have the updated version running.


I`ll check it out.

One thing I just thought about that would be cool to implement into the post manager is a file publisher.
At the moment i`m using some actions and javascript to create my previews and final deliverables.
I have a preset that saves the file with my logo at lower res jpg for previews and another for saving finals with and without logo in final res and as cmyk tif for print.

Maybe this is something you can add into you tool?

If you`d like i can send you the javascript code

Tested it out:

  • The pulze templates load the beauty pass, but can’t get it to load with my own template. Doesn’t detect de pass when saving the template. I also noticed that pulze scene manager now saves the beauty pass with the name_beautyelement. Did that just change in an update?

  • Also when pressing browse folder and cancelling out of the file explorer, post manager gets stuck

Hey Mattias, as for your own templates, it should work fine, but I can check it out for you, if you could send these files in an e-mail to

  • Your own template file (.pmt),
  • A render with all elements, that you would like to use
  • The Photoshop file, that you would like to add as a template

As for the cancelling of folder browsing, I’ll try to reproduce it and fix it.

  • Also, you can send that script that you’ve talked about. I’ll take a look.

Thanks for your feedback!


So i tested it out again. It detects the beauty pass, see screenshot

but when i try to create my own template, this element doesn`t show up in the list

if I add my own element called “beauty element” and it works fine though.

Edit: found the issue. It`s case sensitive :slight_smile:

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I’m glad it worked out for you!
You’ve said that the name “beauty_pass” comes from Scene Manager? What version of SM and FStorm are you using, and what way are you rendering the images, that produces a named output like this?

Just checked. It’s because I didn’t use pulze scenemanager to render. Had some issues with hdri’s not loading. So i just used pulze to switch camera’s and saved all elements from fstorms rt framebuffer. Sorry for the confusion.

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  • Would it be possible to set the document name automatically to the cam name instead of untitled Pulze document?
  • It would be nice if the last opened folder for browsing folders is remembered, so you don`t have to navigate every time to that folder.

Let me look into it :slight_smile:

Got them both!
In case of the default document name, since every user work with different directory structures, I’m using the render elements base name as a default name.
I Hope it works out for you :slight_smile:

Both work like expected, thanks.

Did you have a look at the script/video of quickly creating outputs ?

New Features in 1.2.2

  • New ‘Merge layers as Region’ feature
  • Added Option to Reset Transforms when creating a new document