Post-production / VEB issue

In the latest update 2.3.6 (maybe earlier I just didn’t notice) the Post-production will fetch the settings but when you open a setup it wont fetch the saved VEB it will just have the one that 3dsMAx currently has. Also there is no more option to save the settings or to fetch the saved ones from your hard drive which was a nice feature.
Maybe there is another build where this is fixed?

Thank you!

Hi @applicationadmins

Could you please reach out to with some screenshots so we can put this in context. Loading and saving the config files directly has been removed, but we might bring it back if there is a need for it.

Hi Peter,
Thank you, I’ll reach out to support.
As for the loading and saving the config - it was a handy feature, I’d personally would love for it to be back :slight_smile: