Post-Production /VFB Module ignored

I am new to scene manager and was under the impression that I could batch-process VFB layers before the final output. With a VFB open, I can apply the preset that I want, hit “Fetch” in Scene Manager, and see the layers appear in the UI window. However, when I batch process from Scene Manager, all of that is ignored. Maybe I’m expecting a feature that isn’t possible? I just want to be able to have the VFB post-production composite layers applied before exporting to the final file formats. Is this possible?



3ds Max 2024 Update 2
V-Ray 6 Update 1.2
Scene Manager 2.3.6

Hey @dave2

Thanks for this. I’m not sure if I fully understand your question but this is something we would like to implement. Currently you can’t batch process only the VFB changes and save them. Scene Managers batch render feature was created for rendering and then saving the output to the required folder.

However you can create multiple setups, modify the Post-processing values in the VFB and fetch them to the required setup. Start the render manually then once it is finished you can click through the Scene Manager setups that will change the VFB and you can save it manually. I think we could even write a script that does this at once. Let me know if that is useful and I can help you out.

Let’s see if I can make it more clear what I’m looking to do.

Current workflow:

  1. Send image to render queue
  2. apply .vfbl preset as the image is rendering, or apply later to the resulting .vrimg file

What I would like to be able to do using Pulze Scene Manager

  1. Batch render scenes and have the .vfbl applied automatically as part of the process, (before the final file is output).

As it stands now, from Scene Manager, I can ‘fetch’ the Post-Production / VFB layers from a VFB session for an image, but then when I run SM batch process, the file renders, but the .vfbl is not applied even though I have it ‘fetched’ in the SM setup with the Post-Production / VFB module activated. So because of this, and the fact that SM doesn’t write to .vrimg, I have to baby-sit each render to load the .vfbl. So really, SM doesn’t gain me any benefits at this point.

Does this help? What am I doing wrong? I guess I’m wondering what the point of the Post Production / VFB module is. I obviously don’t understand how to use it! lol.

Thanks for the help!

There’s an import / export button on the top of this card where you can load a VFBL file. I use this instead of fetch. This works per scene and should do what you need.

As far as I can tell, .max is the only option to import from the top menu

Hey @dave2

@DGTLTWNS was referring to this import option:

Hi @peter.sarhidai

Where do I find the import/export for that? Different than yours. Thanks.

I think it is the same problem as in the other topic with V-Ray GPU, we are going to fix this as well! Thank you!