Presets Missing

Hi there, one thing I miss very much in Scene Manager is presets.
Presets for obvious things that can be tedious, such as setting up an output file name structure. Another thing could be a set of resolution presets, not per axis, but as a pair (of course with the option of modifying each axis separately).


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Hi @lars

We have a couple of options to do that. You can create your own resolution presets:

You can also import/export output settings:

If you want to create other sort of presets you can save the entire scene and choose which module you would like to save, this will also save all involved geometry, light, hdri maps, etc.

This is a bit restrictive and should be expanded upon imo.

Scene presets with: different lighting setups (different HDRI with correct gammas, multipliers), camera EV values, invisible properties, environment, effects,… should be a basis of things that can be put in scene presets.

Having some scenes ready in a template is the only way for now, but as I partially described in this thread:

Mass Change EV values camera - Scene Manager / Issues - Pulze | Forum

The system for now doesn’t allow a smooth operation of this.

Ideally, I create a new scene and choose one of my exterior golden hour presets, I change the camera to a new one I created and everything else is ready to go (HDRI loaded with gamma values), EV value of camera correctly set up, my aerial perspective activated, etc.

Otherwise if I already have 20 scene presets in my file, and I still have to add my actual scenes, it becomes messy and unclear very fast even if you use colors. Then you have to start duplicating scenes, remembering EV values because they are lost when changing cameras, etc.

This would be a very welcome change for everyone.