Preview with Light Cache

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the light cache preview with Render Manager.
When I render a Scene Manger file via Render Manager, I do not get light cache preview. Not in the Render Manager UI and also not on my remote render server. When I open the exact same file and start the render directly on my render server, I do get light cache preview.

Is it possible to enable light cache also for Render Manager tasks?

Without light cache in Render Manager.

Thank you!

As I am not allowed to put in 2 images, second post for the second image:

With light cache directly rendered on render server:


Hello Boris,

It is an intended behavior. If we would leave and show the lightcashe computation then we won’t be able to show the image progress for the render, since there is no visible difference between the lightcache and the final render in a 400px wide preview image. Currently there is no option to change this.