pulze and startup problems

pulze and startup problems

Hello, first of all I would like to thank the team behind pulze because you have really changed our lives at the studio.

Since a few weeks we have big connection problems when starting pulze I explain myself. Pulze launches and opens its window and there it is the beginning of the troubles. I will have the following steps in loop:
-error while loading render manager

  • render manager loading: (1/10) initialize distributor (IP of one of our computer in a random way)

These steps are repeated until 10 and then pulze restarts itself and repeats the same steps. Sometimes it stops and gives us the following message: -initialize distributor (null), failed, please restart pulze.

To solve this problem we have to look at reinstalling or restarting our computers in loops but this is not always enough. I would like to know if we are the only ones in this situation and if a solution exists to solve this problem or at least an explanation to help us understand this problem.

We are running 3DS Max 2022, Corona 9 and half of our computers on Windows 10 and the other half on Windows 11

Hi @n.frost

Thanks for your message!

Usually this happens when the computer that is trying to connect back to the pool can’t find the distributor pc that was available previously.

Make sure that the primary distributor in the admin section is set to a computer that is always available. The other important thing is that you should use fixed IP-s if possible. It could also happen that the ip-s are changing from time to time which can cause connection issues for sure.