Pulze SM causes Max to crash if the Computer goes to sleep


We have noticed that Max will crash if the scene manager window is left open when the workstation goes into sleep mode. It happened in Max 2022 and is happening in Max 2023. Unfortunately turning off sleep mode isn’t an option as all our computers are centrally managed and must conform to ISO27001.

Hi @dan.brew

Thanks for the report!
We have no report so far about similar problems.

The closest known issue is that it crashes when you enter or leave a computer with remote desktop and Scene Manager is running. This is because a bug in the underlying framework that we use for Scene Manager. Unfortunately we have no control above it. We are planning to completely replace it later this year.

I believe, these two things could relate to each other.


Hi Peter,

You’re right this is the same problem. All our workstations are virtual machines so when the laptop accessing it goes to sleep the rdp connection is lost.

Good to know there is a solution on its way.


we have the same problem at the studio.
Extremely annoying, and some of us no longer use Pulze for this reason.
I can’t wait to see a fix.

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If anyone has similar issues it would be very helpful for us if you can try out the latest beta version and check what happens. We did some serious refactoring and now these things should not be a problem.

Here you can find all the information and the download link: https://forum.pulze.io/t/scene-manager-2-5-beta/

Thanks for your help in advance!