Range and file name


  1. if the name is long, the line does not show the folder. and only three dots in front of the file name. and hovering the cursor over the name line, it does not show me the folder. I can not just see in the text version the full path to save the file. and clicking on settings - shows some other folder. not the one in which the rendered picture is actually saved.
    Is it possible to make so that I could see a full way of saving or when pressing the settings button showed me the folder which is registered?
    or gave out some error that such folder at me does not exist?
    if i look at the path through F10 - shows and opens the desired folder. in which actually saves the picture

  2. When I change the timeout from single to range, the manager changes the number of frames in the line to the number in the range. but after moving to another frame, where there is a single - something incomprehensible begins. frames starts to show not all that were configured by me but only part.
    how can I make sure that the manager does not touch the number of frames I set at all?

Hi Silvercat,

Thanks for the detailed info and the attachments.

  1. The output modules folder path is indeed not updating as it should, I’ll mark it and we will make sure to correct it in the next update. Until then in cases like this please resize the Scene Manager window a few pixels back and forth and the output folder will pop in place.

  2. After watching carefully your video multiple times I realized what is the issue :slight_smile: The short answer is that the Time Output set to the List type does not set the time line range in max, but the single and the range option does. This is why you it behaves wierd I guess. If that is the case then I’m happy add it to fix that. Regarding your question: “how can I make sure that the manager does not touch the number of frames I set at all?” I’m afraird currently there is no way to set a range and then have a slider time value in between.


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