Raw path remaining red

Setting up multiple camera views in Scene Manager Before linking to Render Manager. I want to save out the renders in EXR format but It wont save the RAW path and remains highlighted red. I don’t know if i’m missing something?

Hey Chris,

Could you please show us a screenshot of the Render Output - RAW card ? Most likely there is a property that is not field out, therefore it remains red because it is uncompleted.

Okay great, thanks a lot. We can consider this a bug. The last row of preset should not be switched from Extension to something else, and the path is not completed without a chosen extension, this is why it is red.

Please change the Camera preset back to Extension and add a new row by clicking the + button to add the Camera preset under the Text. I hope this is understandable. We will fix this little issue in the next update.

Thanks Peter, that’s solved the problem