Record the "Area to Render" (view/region) state in Scenes


I want to be able to add region renders in specific scene setups. For example, I have objects that move around, but I use the same camera angle so for each scene setup I only have to render a small portion of the render. However it seems like neither the Render Settings - Custom nor Render Settings Override actually records the state of the render region setting at all.

Is this possible to implement? As of now it seems I have to render these frames manully if I don’t want to waste a lot of render time on areas that are already rendered in previous images.


/Johannes L

Hi Johannes,

Yeah, fair request. Unfortunetly technicaly the region coordinates are not part of the render settings and with the different Render Settings modules in the SM we are not touching the “Common” tab at all of the Render Settings dialog. Resolution is handled by the resolution module, the output by the output, time by the time and there is really nothing else.

Should there be a separate Regions/Mask module where depending on your engine you gain controll over these things?

I was about to ask the same thing, but I was going to ask if the render settings could be extended beyond the ones that are available now for vray, for instance a mask indeed, but also a lot of other settings, instead of working with presets.