Redshift render red error

Hello, is there a way to force render even if there is a red error.
The thing is, I have a file that works normally with vray, once converted to redshift it gives a red error in the render manager. Although the scene renders locally in both renderers, and vray is able to submit to render manager normally. However redshift fails for no apparent reason.
Is there a way to override the red check errors ? I am sure everything is fine regarding paths or plugins

Hi @info15

It depends on the error message. Could you share a screenshot with us?

We have a handy little guide that might help to dig into the logs and you might be able to fix this yourself:

If nothing works please recreate the problem and send us a collected log after the issue:

I will try to recreate the issue and send a log. Where do i send the log ?

Please send it to! Thanks!