Render elements different filetypes


If possible, it would be very practical to be able to save out different filetypes per render element.
Say you have a drop down menu on every element.
In my case, I save out my LIGHTMIX as a tiff or png, but all my masks are jpg. Just to save space and processing power :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add this to our list, will think about it what would be the best way to implement it.

We managed to implement this request in the latest beta. I know that you use Corona but for everyone else: please note that this will only work in case of Corona and FStorm since V-Ray has its own way of handling outputs and it would require big changes on our side so we decided to leave it out for now.

The rest is pretty straightforward I guess. Elements that are set to “.default” will be png in this case because the Render Output is set to png.

If anyone wants to try it you can do it here:

With Pulze it does not save the element channel renders. How can I check in Render Setup?


Could you please explain your problem in detail?

Little by little I am learning how Pulze works. I just had to open the Render Output window and activate it within Pulze.

I have a question,
Could you tell me how to automatically rename each render on save? To not replace a render/image to the existing one. Thanks.