Render elements Gamma override

Hello guys,
In my workflow, before using SM, I set in render settings to save my Render elements by checking Separete render channels and in the dialog windows where I set name and location of the fils I turn gamma Override to 1.0. Whitout that, the images saved are washed out (the gamme is not correct).
Is there any solution to do that in SM as well ? Because now it is saving with the bad value (automatic value).

Thank you in advance

I am using Vray, sorry

Hi @Pixbaker

To my best knowledge the gamma should be handled by 3ds Max and you should always use the automatic option.

Please check this article about how to setup the gamma values in 3ds Max:

(I’m aware that this is for corona but the principles are the same)

I hope this will help!

Hello @peter.sarhidai

Thank you for your answer. Actually, in corona everything works properly, but in vray it works somehow differently, I guess.
It’s probably some color mapping setup issue.

Is anyone else facing this problem and could help ?

Is here anybody who be able and willing to write a script that I could use in SM to have output override 1.0 ?

Thank you very much for any help