Render elements not saving alongside beauty pass


I have been trying to batch render a few images from different cameras in my 3ds Max scene. I have 4 different setups in the Scene Manager, each with their own output path folder. But when the renders are finished, only the beauty pass is saved in these folders.

In the render elements tab in the render settings I can see my render elements. They have a different (older, outdated) output path. And I can find my render elements in this path.

There must be a way to save all render elements as well as the beauty pass in the same folder, right? It takes way too long to individually set the correct output path for 10+ render elements, for 4 different cameras. Besides, I can only set one output path for each render element, so that would not work anyways.

I’m using 3ds Max 2018, and Corona.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Anders,

I can confirm that there are cases when the common output setup is a bit funky when it is used with the batch render feature. We are working hard on the latest version that will solve these issues. We will have a beta version the following days so if you are interested please send us an email to and we will send you the latest version when it’s ready.

As a workaround I can offer our Render Manager which can create jobs from Scene Manager setups with two clicks. You can utilize your workstation alone or install it to other computers as well. This tutorial will show you how it works:

Hello again, I have tried to do as you suggest and created jobs in Scene Manager mode in Render Manager. But I get an error on our two render nodes. I have attatched a picture of it.


It says workstation mode is required for this job. But I can’t figure out why.

Please read the explanation regarding Corona DR jobs here: Corona Distributed Rendering Job

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