Render Manager 0.8.7

New Features

  • Option to choose the Distributed master node in the Job Submitter
  • Ability to add ram/benchmark custom requirement to choose the most powerful pc-s
  • Support for Anima 3.5.6
  • New Submit Error Report option to Settings > Support
  • Updated UI for the settings menu
  • Unit scale is now transferred and checked per job
  • PNG / JPEG settings are now transferred and checked per job


  • PNG Library Internal Error popup won’t freeze the task from now on
  • JPEG Image I/O Error popup is ignored from now on
  • Fixed issue with Circular Dependencies
  • Fixed issue with ‘Unknown Job’ Dependencies
  • Added warnings and errors UI element to the job row
  • Corona Benchmark license popup is ignored from now on
  • Sanity check warning if the locked viewport is not the active one
  • Fixed issue with V-Ray LightSelect elements check option
  • Removed local drive check for output paths
  • Fixed update issue if a render node doesn’t have internet
  • Error message if anima doesn’t have an active license (from Anima 3.5.6)
  • Fixed issue with duplicated output paths if FileName preset was used
  • Fixed issue with corrupted log files after a power cut
  • All Output paths can be modified if a file was browsed
  • Fixed issue getting renderer and version from a browsed file
  • Fixed V-Ray denoise status
  • Fixed issue with notification messages when archived job is deleted
  • Fixed missing texture errors because of foreign characters
  • Requirements row will now show the number of problems
  • Fixed render preview resolution at tile rendering
  • Fixed random error message on nodes when deleting a job
  • Fixed UI issue with loading/unloading/update screen
  • Fixed issue with archive modal and added progress
  • Fixed issue when Animation type is not set if DR is on

Awesome, just updated the machines thanks!

Ability to add ram/benchmark custom requirement to choose the most powerful pc-s

How do we do this?

And what is the plan for the end of the month, will it be leaving BETA on time and going up for purchase? Just curious as our team is really loving render manager and are looking forward to continuing to use it.

This new feature is accessible in the top of the requirements field in the job creation window:

Regarding the BETA period, our window for the release is around the first half of February. Your licenses are going to be extended automatically.

After release, there will be a 30 day trial period available for everybody!

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